Snowflake Online Training

Welcome to Nallas Campus Snowflake Online Training! In this comprehensive course, we will delve into the powerful world of Snowflake, a cutting-edge cloud-based data warehousing platform. This program has been crafted with both beginners and experienced data experts in mind. It provides a comprehensive overview of Snowflake, allowing users to initiate or develop their knowledge and make the most out of its features.



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About Online Snowflake Training

Snowflake Beginner + Advanced level training.

Are you ready to dive into the world of Snowflake and unlock its full potential for data management and analytics? Whether you’re a beginner seeking to build a solid foundation or an experienced data professional looking to expand your skills, this comprehensive training program is designed to cater to your needs.
Snowflake Online Training
In this course, we will take you on a journey from the fundamentals to advanced concepts of Snowflake. Our experienced instructors will guide you through hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and practical projects, ensuring that you gain a deep understanding of Snowflake’s capabilities and develop the skills necessary to leverage it effectively.

Here’s What Our Students Have To Say About Us;

Nallas Campus is an incredible spot to improve abilities and obtain proficiency. It's an ideal place for everyone to create a flourishing career in MNCs. The Snowflake online training program offered by the faculty of Nallas Campus is top-notch. The team assists people to rise above their apprehensions and succeed in the interviews.
Thanks to Nallas Campus Snowflake online training, I gained the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in my career. I successfully secured a position in a top MNC, and I owe a great deal of my success to the training provided by Nallas Campus. I highly recommend their Snowflake online training to anyone looking to enhance their data management and analytics skills.
John Deo

Snwoflake Training Course Curriculum​

  1. Snowflake History
  2. Introduction to Snowflake
  3. Architecture of Snowflake (Services Layer, Compute Layer, Storage Layer)
  4. Snowflake Registration
  5. SnowSQL
  6. Setting up the Config file
  • Setting up the Config file
    1. Compute Layer/Virtual Warehouse
    2. Introduction to Compute Layer
    3. Introduction to the Virtual Warehouses
  • Types of Staging (Internal, External)
  • Internal Stage (User Stage, Table Stage, Named Stage)
  • Loading the data into Different Stages
  • Loading multiple files into User Stage by creating a folder using regular expressions
  • Listing the stages (User, Table, Named)
  • Creating a Snowflake Managed Internal Stage
  • Loading the data into the internal stage
    1. Introduction to the external stage
    2. Explanation on AWS Console.
    3. Examples on S3 Service in AWS
    4. Create a Bucket, User, Folder, Role, Policy in AWS
    5. Upload the files and list all the files in SF
      1. Options available in Copy Into command
      2. Introduction of loading the data in the snowflake
      3. Loading a single file into a table
      4. loading the selected files into a table
        1. Introduction of Tables
        2. Different type of the tables and differences
        3. Design Considerations based on the environment
        4. Introduction to Data Retention Policy
          1. Introduction to the Snowpipe
          2. Create a bucket and Folder in AWS
          3. Creating a Role for Snowpipe
          4. S3 Policy Assignment to the Role
          5. Creating the Staging, Integration, pipe, Event configuration, Notification in AWS
          6. Creating the Storage Account, Container, Queue, Event, Notification, Pipe in Azure
          7. Creating the Bucket, Folder, Storage Integration Object, External storage in Google Cloud
            1. Introduction of Time Travel
            2. Data Life Cycle and Time Travel operations
            3. Time Travel SQL Extensions, Parameters, Offset
            4. Timestamp, Statement, Un Drop
            5. Retrieving the Historical Data
              1. Introduction of Cloning
              2. Cloning of Tables
              3. Cloning Database and Schemas
              4. Discussing Fail Safe
              5. Querying the Space for Table, Time Travel and Fail Safe
                1. Introduction to the streams
                2. Creating and identifying the key Aspects of Stream
                4. Load the Data into the Targe Table
                5. Insert, Update, Delete – Related to stage Table data
                  1. Introduction to the Tasks
                  2. Introduction to the Schedules in Tasks
                  3. Create a Task (Stand Alone Task)
                  4. Create a dependent, Parent, Child tasks
                  5. Order of resuming and suspending the tasks.
                  6. Scheduling the Tasks
                    1. Introduction to caching
                    2. Types of Cache
                    3. Clustering in Snowflake
                    4. Introduction to Data Sharing, Reader Account
                    5. Inbound and Outbound Shares
                    6. Inbound and Outbound Shares
                    7. Data Market Place (Inbound, Outbound)
                      1. Introduction to Pre-Defined Roles
                      2. Introduction to Custom Roles
                      3. Creating Users, Custom Roles
                      4. Understanding about Privileges
                        1. Introduction to the Functions
                        2. Introduction to Stored Procedures
                          1. Introduction of Materialized Views
                          2. Refreshing the MVIEWS
                          3. Create and Query the Data from the External Tables
                          4. Querying JSON Data.
                            1. Introduction on how to communicate between Python and Snowflake using connector.
                            2. Querying the table from Python.
                              1. Introduction to Informatica Cloud.
                              2. Installation and configuration.
                              3. Creating Mappings and Tasks to load the data from Oracle to Snowflake.
                                1. Introduction to Hevodata.
                                2. Installation and configuration.
                                3. Creating Sources and Targets to load the data from Oracle to Snowflake.
                                4. Ready to begin your journey in Snowflake?
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